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Adventures & Tours

Adventures, Trail Rides & Horse Tours

We have several trail riding options on safe and reliable horses.  All rides start with a quick evaluation ride in the ring to make sure you and your horse are compatible, and or some basic instruction for riders with little to no experience.  All rides are guided by qualified and experienced riding instructors.

All rides are private and are set at a pace that is safe for you and your group.

2 Hour Playa & Vistas Tour

This 2 hour tour starts at our farm and heads out on the road towards Playa Junquillal. The back roads turn to wooded paths as we make our way down the coast line. In Junquillal we will enter the beach and head north. We will cross several different beaches- big open sandy, volcanic rock, and then deep white sandy beach great for a run!


For the experienced rider or adventure seeker we can run up a hill and stop at the top for a beautiful panoramic view of the coast line and mountains. We weave thru a grassy meadow and then down an embankment back on to Playa Callejones a quaint fishing beach. Then we head back inland and finish up back at the farm.  


Price: $70

1 Hour Jungle Tour

This tour starts at our farm and goes  directly into the jungle.  We will go up and down slopping hills and have an opportunity to see lots of flora, fauna, and tropical wildlife. 


Price: $50

All Day Northern Trek
(Includes Lunch)

We start at the farm and ride  to the beach directly - then head north towards Playa Negra (world famous beach and surf break). At the end of Negra we transition towards Rancho Playa Negra, a gated community with beautiful luxury, high-end homes.  After we ride through the neighborhood and we return back onto the beach at a local fishing spot.


When the tide is correct we can ride pretty far out into the water. We keep going north on the beach until we get to Playa Avellanas a big open and often populated beach. If the tide and riding ability permits we will cross this and do one more controlled gallop.  After a lunch break we head into the rolling hills that connect Avellans and Playa Negra. Here we will see lots of wildlife while enjoying the refreshing shade of the trees. 

This trek is recommended for riders with less experience or saddle time.  We still recommend that you be comfortable around horses and riding. 

Price: $150

All Day Southern Trek
(Includes Lunch)

The southern trek is more reclusive and the beaches are almost always empty except for local fisherman. 

We leave the farm first thing in the morning and go directly to the beach and head south. For the first hour you will experience several different types of beaches- small beaches with palms hanging over, volcanic rock, and big open beaches which are great for a controlled gallop.  We also have a river crossing and depending on the time of year- you may get to have a little swim.

We ride the beaches all the way to Largatillo - a quaint fishing village. Here we will stop and have a refreshing lunch and let the horses have some rest. Afterwords we ride back up to the river crossing and enter the estuary. Inside the estuary we ride thru wetlands and have an opportunity to see lots of water birds. Also we get to do a run down a shallow river bed.  We will pop out on the road and go a little ways to enter back into what we call an oxcart road. This is an old dirt road (not always passable by cars). The ox cart road winds thru the parcellas (parceled land used for farming). This part has a beautiful canopy and provides plenty of shade in the afternoon. This road eventually comes out back in the village of Paraiso - from where we ride back up the road and to the farm.

Riders should have some riding experience and feel comfortable on a horse. All day treks are not recommended for people who may be nervous about horses - it's a long day and prior experience with riding is strongly recommended. Riders should be experienced and able to trot and canter. Also it is highly recommended that people who decide to do this tour ride on a regular basis - or they will be very tired and sore by the end of the day.

Price: $150

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2-Day Trek to Nosara
(Includes All Meals & Lodging)

This tour starts out the same as the Southern day trek- but after lunch we continue south over Playa Marbella a big open beach and then we weave in and out down the coast until we hit San Juanillo and our lodging destination. 

The next day, after a rejuvenating night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast we head inland and up over a beautiful mountain. Down the back side through the woods and over little streams until we come out onto the road just outside of Nosara. Here we take an oxcart road through the local rice fields and into Nosara. When we are ready to head back, a transport truck will pick up the horses and we ride home in the car.

This tour is for experienced and regular riders only as it entails approximately 10 hours of riding in 2 days.

Price: $550

Complete Costa Rica Playa & Vistas Trek Vacation

(7 Days, 6 Nights)

In today's world many of us need to take time to find peace and harmony with ourselves and others.  We have developed a technique using riding and relationships with horses to help individuals explore ways to connect with a happier healthier life.


This package combines all of the great activities available for a truly exciting and well rounded Costa Rica Vacation. Great for groups and families looking for outdoor fun in a tropical location!  Activities include horseback riding lessons, trail rides on the beach and in the hills, mountain biking, zip line, yoga, and surfing.


Day 1 - Arrival

Move into your cabin and get to know our beautiful equestrian center! Meet the staff and the horses, and enjoy an afternoon lesson or sunset trail ride!    We will end the day with a welcome BBQ at our home.  

Day 2 - Lessons & Local Trail Riding

During the first couple days you will train with certified and experienced instructors in private lessons as well as trail rides on the beach and in the hills to view native wild life such as Howler Monkeys.  Also available will be seminars and clinics on topics such as health care, first aid, and natural horsemanship.  Approximately 3.5 to 4 hours of riding a day. 

Day 3 - All Day Trek

We will choose one of the routes that best suits your riding ability and tides.  All day treks are a 5 hour ride with a meal break and rest for the horses.

Day 4 - Relax & Restore and or Day trip

The fourth day of this package can be  a day of rest and relaxation or an opportunity to see the sights.   If you choose relax and restore- a massage will be provided in your private bungalow and you can enjoy the rest of the day at the beach or relaxing by the pool.   If you choose to do a day trip your choices are Tamarindo Tourist Day,  Palo Verde River Boat tour or Llanos de Cortez Waterfall tour.  Tamarindo a close by touristy town with lots of restaurants, shops and beautiful beaches where beginner surfing lesson are available.  The Palo Verde River boat tour is a beautiful boat tour on the Palo Verde River where you will see amazing wildlife such as Howler Monkeys, Crocodiles and water birds.  After they will give you a delicious typical Costa Rican  lunch and then visit a local artisan village where they make pottery using traditional Choratega methods.  The Cortez Waterfall is about a 1.5 hour drive north to a local oasis.  There are several waterfalls you can hike around and enjoy the scenery and dip in the pools.  Its a cool refreshing break with a beautiful backdrop.  

Day 5- All Day Trek

Once again we will choose a different scenic route which will include both beach and jungle or mountain riding.  Approximately 5 hours long with a meal break and rest for the horses.  

Day 6 - Trail Ride or Lesson

For day six you will have a choice of a private lesson or a trail ride.

There will also be time to go to the beach or do some souvenir shopping.  

Day 7 - Checkout

Cost for this Package is $1200 per person

This includes Transportation, Riding and Housing.  Meals and other activities will be additional.  

* The overnight trek to Nosara  can be substituted for the 2  individual day treks for an additional $400 and is recommended for experienced and regular riders only due to the length of riding times and that we must be able to canter on the beach in order to make the destinations before tide changes or dark.  

You can stay in our private guest house. 

The house is on the Farm- so you will be able to see and interact with the horses anytime you like.The Farm is centrally located to all of the beaches and great restaurants of the area.  We offer a one bedroom cabina with hot water, orthopedic mattress, air conditioner, mini fridge, coffee maker, and a swimming pool.



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